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Alaska So Far

April 16, 2011

So this will look very out of order, but here are some old posts that I had elsewhere about Alaska that I am transferring over.

So I flew into Alaska real early on June 1st. Getting into Anchorage on the 31st of May but not into Fairbanks until the 1st of June, real early in the morning. So I wanted to jot down a few first thoughts about Alaska now that I have been up here for a few days (by the time I post this, a couple of weeks).There is definitely a need to write about this immediately. While on facebook, they have the little ad section on the right side, where you can pay for an ad with a little description, picture, and link. Since I’m in Alaska it directs the ads to that and the ad on the side is this:

Wes Sonnor for Congress (with picture of him)
Gun raffle! Support Wes in his bid to restore representation and protect the 2nd amendment!

Alaska is a really cool place, and yes quite interesting, but I love it. I went to a party at a cabin the other night and it was a lot of fun. Why am I putting this in? Because its completely normal and very common up here for this to happen. Its not rare for people up here in Alaska to have “dry cabins”, this being cabins that do not have running water. The reason they don’t have running water is because its too expensive. With the permafrost up here the ground is often too frozen for pipes to be cost efficient. With the ground always being so cold and frozen the pipes would burst or water freeze in them, and thus if you don’t live immediately in the cities, there is no guarantee that you will have running water. So I thought it weird at first that people were asking if water was drinkable while in houses with running water, but up here its a very common question to ask and also essential because a lot of houses don’t have running water, and if they do, doesn’t mean it can be drunk.
It seems like an awesome and crazy way to live right now. I love the cabin style! I love going to the NHOC cabins and could definitely live in a cabin, but not having running water all the time must get rough. Sure they stop caring about showering or baths pretty soon, or just go to the university to shower, but I can’t imagine living all the time without running water. Going to a cabin for a weekend or even a week is quite doable, but once you start getting past that I don’t know if I would still love it.


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