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Z.S.S- Zombie Survival Specialists

September 6, 2009

still a work in progress, but here is what there is so far

Zombie Contingency Plan for the Z.S.S

This is highly important information for the (Zombie Survival Specialists) Z.S.S., a group of highly trained zombie survivalists based out of Narragansett, Rhode Island. While the information in this booklet are specific to our plan and locations in our area, others can surely take our overall plans and put our knowledge into their plans in order to survive in their own area.

By: Kingmidaz

Major Contributors: Master Skra

Other Contributions: Every other member of the Z.S.S

Table of Contents



Variations of Zombies




Having a good crew is easily the most important part about surviving a zombie apocalypse. While there are some people out there who think they can just get by and make it through, they are dead wrong (haha puns). In order to survive a zombie apocalypse you need a team of skilled, knowledgeable, trained, and prepared members. The size of this team can vary but needs to be small enough to travel easily, be sustainable and be unnoticed when needed. The group also needs to be large enough to watch each other’s back and defend and control a location if need be. So you can’t be too large or too small, so what is the correct size? The group size we have decided to go with falls in the 4-8 range. These are the people that must be part of your group if at all possible, if you can only fit that many people into a vehicle say you need to be selective and take those 4-8. Others are on their own, if they can manage to catch up with you, then they have that opportunity, otherwise they better have their own plan. While there are so many people you may love or like in life, this is not the time to be playing “how much do you love me?” Your lovers and family are not the first ones on the list, people needed for your survival (and the survival of the human race) are and then others can fall in as able and wanted. Surviving a zombie apocalypse is no joke and every member must be able and willing to carry more than their fair share of the weight. If a member of your group is unwilling to do everything with the group to survive, then he or she is just hampering your group and you should dispose of them immediately.

If one of your crew members is infected: Shoot them quickly in the head. You are doing them a favor by sparing them from being turned, so just do them a favor, because they are already fucked! If they want to stay back and cover your escape, so be it, but they better be smart enough to take care of themselves, aka a bullet in the head, before they turn. Having a crew member come after you later as a zombie can be extremely demoralizing and may make you waste precious time by looking at them instead of kicking some zombie ass, so if you are on the way to getting turned make sure you take care of yourself if your crew does not.

Unable to assemble: While we obviously like to have a plan outlined with the best of the best (aka the Z.S.S) what are the chances that the outbreak will occur when you are with the people you planned with? We make these plans for the eventual zombie outbreak assuming that when it happens we will be together, ready to get out to a safe zone, hunt undead, and keep the human race alive.  However, more than likely when the spread begins we won’t be near the people we prepared with.  For example now, we are all in college and thus not in the same location. So for at least the first few hours to few days we will have to survive alone.  Talk with your fellow survivalists and prepare ahead of time where you will gather after an outbreak begins.  Make sure it is a place that will be secure for at least a few days to provide any members of the group that survived the initial outbreak sufficient time to get there.  Be prepared to leave after a day or two even if everyone didn’t make it to the agreed upon area.  Chances are they didn’t survive, but if they did and just couldn’t get there in time leave a message saying where you are headed so they can keep looking for the rest of the group.  In case you are the one that doesn’t make it to the meeting point, make sure you are ready to survive alone until you meet up with your friends or another group you come across. While your preplanned number one team may not be able to be created because members are missing, you should have another team set up at your current location. For example if two members of the Z.S.S. are in different locations and have their own team set up in case it occurs when we are not in Narragansett, that it just more fight against the zombies. If these two teams were to meet up, then zombies beware, you’re done.

So what makes a good Z.S.S member?

The age old question, who should I include in my team to fight off the undead. When hell breaks loose and shit is hitting the fan, who is going to be on my side. There certainly are several key factors that you need to keep in mind, and some things that are mandatory for being in the Z.S.S. You gotta have skills to pay the bills! The first and most important being that of fitness. Although zombies are usually depicted as the slow moving, unable to run decrepit creatures of the movies this is not necessarily true (more info about this later). Zombies may be fast, and even if they aren’t, you should be! That will be one advantage we have over them .While being able to sprint a short distance is great, this is a zombie apocalypse, and looking at the definition of apocalypse, this is going to take a long time, so be ready for long distances and being on the move for a long time. So you need to be in shape, ready to run, carry heavy loads, and basically every survival technique out there. Second, you need to be a fighter. While there are many other aspects that need to be looked at for Z.S.S members, everyone must be a fighter, none of those Quakers or pacifists. These are the undead we are talking about and everyone is going to have to be willing and able to chop off a head or two. Not only do we want fighters, but good ones, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So if you have to buy a gun, get a license, go hunting or go to the shooting range every once in a while just to practice, that is a great idea. Not only should you be skilled with a gun though but in close combat, take karate classes and be ready to wield a weapon at close combat. We are not all like Jack Bauer, ready to destroy a zombie with our bare hands, learn how to fight before the apocalypse happens. Third is Knowledge. Knowledge comes in many ways, shapes and forms and they are all essential to survival. There are many things you have to understand and know about in order to survive. This is arguably just as important as fitness and fighting, because if you don’t have knowledge even if you are an army of Chuck Norris’ you won’t last long against the zombies. So what kind of knowledge are we talking about? The first type of knowledge is about zombies, which you will find many detailed lists and information in this survival guide. You need to understand what kind of zombies you are facing, their strengths, their weaknesses, how they organize (if at all), and so much more about them. The second type of knowledge is survival knowledge. This is a very broad range of information and extremely essential. If you make it out of a civilized area, what can you eat and drink, where can you stay dry and safe, etc. Survival knowledge also goes into fighting, how to care for weapons and vehicles to keep them running efficiently and effectively for as long as possible, the worst thing that can happen to you besides being turned into a zombie is having a weapon fail on you because you didn’t know how to care for it. So what are some specific skills that you should learn now in order to be ready for the apocalypse: drive stick, basic first aid, survival skills, gun safety and management, navigation skills, technology skills, pilots license, and the list can go on from there. The fourth item that we will describe here is career, after the apocalypse occurs there is going to be a lot of rebuilding to do. Even when the apocalypse occurs your career may become essential to survival. A pro baseball player may be great at bashing zombie heads, but what else can he provide for the team, and when it’s over baseball won’t be needed for a long time. Meanwhile, say an engineer, if he is has fitness, is a fighter, and has knowledge… well, that is who you want on your team. He can handle a zombie just as well as other people, and has more benefits down the road. He can lead in the rebuilding after the apocalypse. Also looking at other things during the apocalypse, he knows structures and took strengths and statics classes, chemistry and math and what not, this could come in handy. Find a weak building and get explosives to blow it up, bring down a bridge that zombies are using, etc. The career of a person may seem pointless, but this has so many benefits and should not be overlooked. We are caring a computer science major on our team, while some may question the intelligence of this, it’s a great idea. He knows technology and will be able to whip up all sorts of gadgets to aid in our survival.

zombiecardchris zombiecarddanzombiecardnickzombiecardchrisLzombiecardbenskraWeapons

As everyone is well aware there are many weapons out there and only one way to kill a zombie. So which ones are the best weapons of choice? With everything out there what weapons are we, the best of the best going to be carrying?

First it is important to state the guns vs. handheld battle. Obviously a gun has its extreme advantage, but they take reloading and this can be a very dangerous thing to yourself if you are not careful. What are the advantages of the gun? If you are good, then you can have one shot and one kill. Also if you are using a shotgun or one of many machine guns then you have the ability to spray the zombies which is also very affective in many ways. With a shotgun at close range you are sure to kill a few zombies with the spray of the shotgun. With a machine gun you have the great ability to get some zombies in the head with your sporadic spray of bullets. Even if you don’t kill that many zombies the spray itself will make a hard wall for the zombies to get through immediately. The only thing is that this wall only stays in place until you have to reload, and at this point you are fucked! Guns are always the best when you have a set defendable position. If you are in a building or behind a wall then guns are much more affective since when you have to reload you are at least more defended as you are already defended and will have at least a minimum time to reload. When you are out in the streets without having a defended position you can’t stand there and reload, because those zombies are still coming right at you. Also there is a little thing about guns, they use bullets and when the zombie apocalypse comes unless you raided a military base your ammunition is going to run out sooner rather than later in most cases. So keep that in mind as your ammunition should be used wisely. That pretty much settles it for the negatives about guns, and their positives being quite obvious. Kill from a distance, have the ability to kill more zombies with less effort, and kill more zombies at a time. Meanwhile there are the handheld weapons which have many more uses and many different techniques and jobs. When you are using a handheld weapon there are a few things to keep in mind: what does it do? The weight? Does it have more than one purpose? Upkeep and maintenance? Can you use it properly? So clearly there are many things that must be taken into account. The most important being can you carry it easily with your other gear. A great handheld weapon is pointless if you can’t actually carry it around with you. Another highly important factor is the use of the weapon. While having a really good sword is something nice to have there are many more weapons that have more use. For example, a crowbar, it obviously has the uses of what a crowbar was made for of prying things. If you need to break in somewhere or pry some boards or something of that sort it is important to have the ability to do so. Having a sword on you means that you can’t pry that door open. So while the crowbar has many practical uses it is still a very good weapon. Crowbars are built solid so that they can be used as a bludgeon that can deal a lot of damage. On top of that the prying end is also a sharp fork so that this end can be used to pierce the skull of a zombie and actually kill the zombies, instead of just taking them down by bludgeoning them.

Variations of the Zombie Scenario

Many plans so far for the zombie apocalypse are rather generic.  Although there is plenty of source material for zombie attacks, they typically involve the same scenario of an unlikely group facing off against the undead soon after the initial outbreak.  However, we forget that when it comes to zombies there is no typical scenario and that we must be prepared for anything.  I have put together a list of scenarios that have either not been covered sufficiently or even at all, as well as a couple of tips about what to do in these cases.

  1. Cross-species virus

Another thing that isn’t considered often is the animals left behind after horde has claimed the majority of the people in a populated area.  There is a chance that the virus causing the zombies could mutate and become cross-species.  If this happens not only do we need to worry about human zombies but zombies of all critters around, including rats, squirrels, dogs, cats, and possibly even birds.  What is really scary about this is that places that might have provided a safe (read slightly safer) haven become unfeasible because small animals can manage to get into even the most secure areas through the smallest of entrances.  A cross-species scenario also eliminates many animals as possible sources of food.  In this case the best thing that can be done is make it out to sea, preferably by commandeering a live-aboard sailboat.  Fish can provide a ready source of likely uncontaminated food because even if susceptible to the disease are unlikely to be exposed.  As you sail north towards uninhabited colder regions were the virus has likely not spread, stay close to shore incase you need to head inland for supplies.

2. 90% kill rate

I’m sure many zombie survivalists saw I Am Legend with Will Smith.  The movie brought up a good point that is not covered enough in other movies.  The virus in the movie had a 90% kill rate, meaning that the people infected didn’t automatically convert to the zombie/vampire creatures.  The vast majority of the population just died off and the remaining people were either immune or turned.  Although the death/zombie/immunity ratios might be different, so a 90% kill rate may seem drastic, this is a very important consideration in a zombie apocalypse.  It will mean there are fewer zombies to worry about out in the open and thus much easier to hunt them all down.  This means the focus can switch away sooner from fighting them to finding survivors, scavenging, and rebuilding society.  Of course the other side of this is that there will also be even fewer people left alive to help with the reconstruction effort.

3. Only percentage of victims zombify

Similar to the situation above, another thing to consider is what would happen if zombification only occurs a percentage of the time.  For the purpose of argument let’s say people scratched or bitten only turn 80% of the time, or 8 out of every 10 victims.  Certainly it will mean that infection might not spread as widely as predicted and any fully turned zombies will be still killed, but what about people who become bitten or scratched?  Would we still kill them on the spot like many of us have been preparing to do, or do we wait to see if they turn?  If we wait, how much time do we give them before we have to kill them to make sure they aren’t a danger?  Even further concerns are raised if someone can be attacked, not turn, but still be a carrier of the virus, should they be killed as well, quarantined for the rest of their life, or do they deserve their freedom?  None of these or similar ethical dilemmas are easy questions, but regardless they would need to be addressed.

4. Zombies that look like normal humans

Not all infections and diseases cause identifiable physical changes.   Granted many zombies are disfigured not due to disease itself but due to the injuries and bites incurred from fighting off the horde.  However, if a person is only exposed through a small scratch or was bitten while fighting in an area not easily visible, they could turn later and then have no immediate signs to show they are no longer among the living.   This increase the chance a team will be caught by surprise and attacked by a former member, or someone in the process of becoming a zombie being allowed into the resistance stronghold.  The best way to prevent this is to make sure that as soon as possible after all zombie engagements teams have complete body checks for even the smallest evidence of exposure.  Using other methods of zombie identification other then just spotting walking decaying corpses are also important.  Such as knowing zombie behavioral characteristics or using dogs’ sense of smell to tell if someone has changed.

5. Conscious zombies

Hollywood often portrays zombies as mindless creatures where their only instinct is to eat human flesh and brains.  We learned from Marvel Zombies though that it is possible for zombies to be created that still have their mind intact but with an insatiable need to feed.  Superpowers aside, fully conscious zombies are something we are not prepared for because we lose the biggest advantage we thought we would have over them.  An even worse situation is if the zombification process actually increase their intelligence, unlikely but possible.  We may have considered an offensive strategy by going out an actively hunting the undead when they are nothing more then mindless targets, but a defensive strategy would be best when the enemy can think.  This is because they will be hunting us as well and we won’t always be able to stay ahead of them.  Conscious zombies will also try to trick the living towards them by praying on the weak-minded and people wanting to believe their now zombie family and friends haven’t changed and that they can be together again.  These problems do not mean conscious zombies won’t have weaknesses of their own we can exploit.  Primarily we will have a speed advantage and by acting defensively we can starve them until the need to satisfy the hunger overwhelms their rational mind.  We can then debate whether it was right to kill a creature with consciousness after they have all been used for target practice and burnt to ashes.

6. Zombie overlord

In some cases zombies don’t act like a mindless horde looking to feed, but are guided by someone controlling them as their own personal army of the undead.  If there is evidence there is someone controlling the zombies, which can either be a stronger and more intelligent zombie or a mad-scientist type with some device.  It is often possible to stop the zombie horde by destroying either this controller and/or their means of control.  This usually comes in the form of satellite, electronic transmitter, or ancient artifact broadcasting a signal.  Destroying the means of control is easier said then done though because whoever is controlling the zombies will actively try and stop you.  This brings up a few of the same problems as conscious zombies with the difference being a single intelligence is driving them as opposed to each individual zombie being able to think.  The overlord will strategize and use his army to search for any survivors to either convert or kill.  Unfortunately to defeat the overlord you will need a ragtag team to sneak in his stronghold that consists of a hero, his/her love interest, an easily scared partner for comic relief, and someone whose only purpose is to die early on to prove the threat is real and for the hero to avenge.  Any attempts to gather enough surviving troops to attack the overlord and his army directly will always fail regardless of how well they are planned.

7. Shadow stealing zombies

This may seem like the most unlikely on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen.  To be clearer, these are zombies that come about through an otherworldly force when someone or something takes the shadow of a living creature and plants it into a corpse which then becomes reanimated.  Although when a shadow is stolen the original owner doesn’t die, they forever become unable to go out in sunlight.  Any exposure to the sun without a shadow causes the body to burst into flames and burn to destruction.  Because this is a form of magical zombie-ism it requires magical solutions.  Sorry guys, but traditional guns and weapons will not take zombies with a stolen shadow out.  In order to defeat this type of zombie they must be purified.  One mystic form of purification is to make the zombie to swallow pure salt.  The amount depends on the size and weight of the zombie, an ounce or two for the average human corpse and an increasing amount for larger zombies.  Another way to stop them is the great purifier, fire.  When the zombies become purified the stolen shadows should return to the original owners.  However, the only way to permanently stop these zombies is to defeat the evil force stealing the shadows to begin with.

8. Nazi zombies

This scenario has been coming up more frequently lately.  It is fairly easy to assume what would happen.  It begins Germany and soon afterward Poland is invaded.  From there the rest of Europe falls (unless it begins with Illinois Nazis).  There are a few additional things to keep in mind when dealing with Nazi zombies.  First off, let’s admit it; they are not going to eat the Jewish. They won’t risk tainting their zombie race by accidentally converting some, instead opting to just kill them.  This can be used as an advantage because any Jews that are willing can be put in the high risk situations where, in the sad case of causalities, they won’t bolster the zombie ranks (note the above is also probably true of black people).  And second, Nazi zombies will be much easier spot as they will be in standard Nazi uniforms and do far more marching then normal zombies which will also work to our advantage.  However, something to keep in mind is that Nazi zombies are also many times more evil then normal zombies and we all know the more evil something is, the harder it is to destroy.

9. Air-borne virus

In any normal zombie outbreak it is assumed that as long as we protect ourselves from the bites and scratches of the infected we should remain safe, so this is an absolute worse case scenario.  This situation means that not only infected need to be avoided but any locations that may have been previously cleared.  That eliminates many areas that could have been scavenged for supplies and drives the surviving population even further into isolation, most likely in cold northern regions, if it can be avoided at all.  Any necessary entry into populated area would need to be done in hazmat suits, which can be cumbersome and limit the weapons that can be carried, making someone vulnerable to a direct zombie attack.  As always the best way to destroy the virus and a zombie threat in this kind of condition will most likely be to burn the infected area down.

10. Nanobot zombies

11. The Borg/Cybermen

12. Voodoo zombies

13. Zombie Ants


There are many possibilities for locations of choice for us against the Zombies. There is an extreme amount of thought that is needed to consider each specific location. Unfortunately there may not be much time to discuss location when the Zombies do in fact come. After reading about the locations our group should be able to make a snap decision regarding where we will make our stand. Depending on time constraints the Zombie Stronghold of the Dorich house is obviously the gathering location. This house is a stronghold and a great meeting location for the beginnings of our resistance. Even if we are not going to be holding and fortifying the house it can work as a gathering point as we gather materials before our dash out of town to a more secure and safer location.


1)     Kingmidaz house (aka Zombie Stronghold)

2)      Block Island

3)      New Hampshire White Mountains Cabins

Block Island

This is a location based map of Block Island. This map details themap-of-block-island-rhode-island

roads of Block Island, and other important features on Block

Island that are important to our use of Block Island as a zombie stronghold.

This is an aerial photograph taken of Block Island from the Southwest. If you look on the right hand side you can see the boats leaving, this is where the ferry arrives and departs from Block Island. In the center of the photo between the two ponds is a large strip running horizontally. This is the airstrip located on Block Island that is sufficient size to land and take off with a small plane, as our plan asks for with the piloting skills of Dan. Looking at the tip of the Island on the left bottom you can notice cliffs; these extend a good portion around the island. Block Island is highly defensible from most directions because of terrain features like this. The Ferry’s are clearly a point of interest as people entering or leaving the island will likely be coming through this point, securing this and making sure infected don’t enter the island through here is essential. While Block Island is a great location, our small group will not be able to manage such a large territory. This island would have to be controlled by us, while we managed a trustworthy and expanded group dedicated to the survival against the zombies. Also with a island the government is less likely to nuke the island or exterminate the island completely as the water is already managing containment of the location.



With the use of this island we have a lot of advantages though. For one, limited population size. We know how many people are on the island and thus if an infection manages to reach the island we have a finite number of zombies to kill, unlike a landlocked location where the zombie population will be replenished. Less likely for contamination and mass chaos. Once again with a smaller population we will be able to control things more appropriately. Block Island has sufficient clear drinking water, and energy to power our group on the island for an extended period of time without help from another location. We can maintain Block Island and not risk exposure to other groups, which can be key. The amount of rental cars, boats, bicycles and mopeds on Block Island give us the ability to maneuver the island in a variety of manners. Whether we need a quick escape or are maintaining a regular patrol we have complete access to the entire island. Although we all wish that the apocalypse will only last a short time, this most likely is not the reality. Block Island offers plentiful space for agriculture, which we can build over time. Surviving the apocalypse immediately will require plentiful spaghettio’s and food that will be eaten shortly before it expires. Surviving the long term apocalypse that is a reality will require the rebuilding of a civilization. This will have to start from the ground up, and the rebuilding of essentials first, like food. Block Island will allow for creation and maintenance of farms that will provide for us over the extended period of time it takes to overcome the apocalypse.


New Hampshire-

White Mountains

Mountains carry a lot of advantages to them, the most obvious being that there are going to be far less people around. New Hampshire provides a great location in itself in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. For the most part, New Hampshire is a very open state with a low population throughout, with only the Seacoast and Manchester having large populations. Making it up to Northern New Hampshire and the mountains will surely get you away from zombie problems. You must be very careful if this is the plan you decide as the White Mountains are a very dangerous location. If the outbreak occurs too late in the year (November-March/April) you will be facing large amounts of snow that will make it very hard for you to do anything. This will freeze the zombies and make it impossible for them to reach you, but if you were not really prepared it’s not zombies you will be worrying about, but the weather. If you have little understanding of the White Mountains and about surviving in the outdoors do not even think about doing this plan. If you are not comfortable in an area without an apocalypse occurring then you shouldn’t be there when shit hits the roof.



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